Universal ticket for all cinemas in the world

First, an empty blank is printed with a piece of fluorescent paper.

Then we print information about the cinema. By guide colors, font and style.

Then, black ink (the cheapest) prints the session data. Instead of a barcode, you can use a QR code.

Side A

Side B

Beauty in functionality. The ticket sizes are the same as the international credit card format 54x86 mm.

And it's even easier to tear off the barcode. Useful when you need to do this with 3000 tickets per day.

But tearing off little tickets is the last century. Turnstiles save time and money. The same tickets can be used for turnstiles and slag booms in the parking lot.

In more modern movie theaters, it’s enough to use a mobile phone to get session data.

For those who are late and want to find place in the dark room.